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Community is made in Garland. Friendships that last a lifetime are made here, and generations of families have made this part of Texas their home. We encourage you to find out why Garland is the place of choice for all stages of life.

Potential Residents

New/Relocating Residents

Existing Residents

Welcome Mat Family Unpacking Neighbor Picnic

Considering a Move to Garland? 

Prosperous futures are made in this family friendly, diverse city known for its cultural arts community, and recreational and natural resources. 

Located in Dallas County, Garland offers all the world class amenities of the Metroplex—first rate educational centers, commerce, and transportation resources—while maintaining its roots as a safe, neighborly community.

Discover all that Garland has to offer:

Ready to Move In?

Find the resources and services you need to relocate and establish a home in Garland with our Relocation Assistance Center.

Relocation Assistance Center

Already a Garland Resident?

Explore the connections you need to fully engage in the community.

Connections are made in Garland. Assets unique in the region provide new ways to experience the city year-round with friends and family. Garland provides a variety of City services and community resources to help you fully engage in civic and community life.

Important information for existing residents: