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Virtual Classes

Garland hosted a series of classes to help you develop your green skills.  Soon you will be able to watch these highly informative presentations on the City's government access channel, CGTV, and via the City's online video streaming.  Watch this space for broadcast schedules and availability updates.

Class Descriptions

Water Smarts - Rain Harvesting and Efficient Irrigation

Efficient water use is extremely important in Texas.  Learning how to harvest rainwater for landscape irrigation use can save you money, reduce the demand on our municipal water supply, and reduce runoff and contamination of surface water.  Combine that with efficient irrigation methods like drip irrigation or rotator sprinkler heads, and you’ll be a watering genius!

Do You Know Your Environmental 3Rs?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Get an inside look at recycling operations in our community.  Learn how you can reduce your impact on natural resources, reuse common items you already have to create beautiful crafts, and recycle to save valuable landfill space.  Saving the Earth has never been so much fun!

Creating a Rain Garden

Does rainwater collect in puddles in your yard?  Are you concerned about pollutants washing into our stormwater system?  Rain gardens are designed to capture and hold rainwater runoff until the ground has time to absorb it.  In addition to controlling flooding, rain gardens help clean stormwater before it goes back into our water supply and provide a beautiful wildlife habitat.

Good Bugs / Bad Bugs

Not all insects are bad.  In fact, only about 7% of insects are harmful to man, pets and plants.  Learn how to identify insect damage and earth-kind insect controls.  Learn how plant selection and other landscape practices help control insects.  Learn how planting native and adapted plants result in less insect problems.

Community Gardens

Community gardening started in the US as far back as the end of the 19th century, but the latest local food and urban beautification movements have caused a boom in community gardens across urban areas including DFW.  Learn the benefits of community gardening and get guidance on how to start and maintain a successful community garden that will provide fresh food, contact with nature and health benefits, as well as an improved sense of community to urban neighborhoods.

Composting 101

Making dark, rich, crumbly compost doesn't take much time, work, or space.  This class covers the essentials: the composting process, hands-on demonstration of how to build an active compost pile, and how worms can recycle food scraps into rich organic compost.  Improve your soil, and your flowers and vegetables will thank you.