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Protect Your Pipes and Plumbing in Freezing Temperatures

Frequent freezing temperatures are expected during the remainder of the month and into February. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast and protecting your pipes can save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary costs for plumbing repairs.

When you feel that familiar chill in the air, remember to drip your faucets, open cabinets under sinks, and cover or wrap outside pipes and spigots. These proactive measures can help prevent frozen or burst pipes and costly repairs. 

The City of Garland maintains the water mains that feed the customer’s meters, but pipes from the meter to the house or building belong to the water customer, which means the customer is responsible for any repairs to those pipes.

“When temperatures drop below freezing, standing water can easily freeze overnight,” said Garland Water Utilities Director Robert Ashcraft. “At that point, it’s the customer’s responsibility to make the repairs.”

Contact the Water Department for more information.