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Application Process

Third Party Special Event Permit

Application Process

The Application Process is as follows:

  1.   Complete the application in its entirety and submit the application with the applicable processing fee no less than 45 business days prior to the event date.  Incomplete applications and applications submitted under the 45 business day timeline will not be accepted.

    To complete the application the following is required:

    Certificate of Insurance
    Nonprofit Certificate – 501©3,4,6 (if applicable)
    Event Flyer (if applicable) 
    Event Site Plan- Example – Must include the following:
             * Route Map / Traffic Plan (create your map here)
             * Street Closures/ Barricades – If using the Downtown Square, determine street closures
             * Parking Areas
             * Restroom(s) location
    Food, Beverage, Merchandise Vendor(s) location (if applicable)
             * Tents - Number, sizes and location 
             * Stage(s) - type, location and dimensions including height (if applicable)
             * First Aid/EMS
             * Activities location - i.e. Kids Area, Games, Fireworks, Car Show, Other Activities

2. A Preliminary email will be sent to the applicant acknowledging the receipt of the application and if there is any further details needed for submission.

  3.  Upon receipt of the completed application, the Special Events Office will forward to various City Departments and the Special Event Committee to review and coordinate the required City Services needed/requested for the event.

         * Depending on the type of event, the applicant may be required to obtain additional permits and pay the subsequent fees associated with your event. 

  4.  Your event will not approved until all required forms are submitted and any applicable fees are paid.

  5.  Upon final approval by the Special Events Committee and City Departments, a permit is issued and will include certain conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant will be responsible to meet


The submission of the Special Event Permit Application must be online and required no less than 45 business days prior to the event date. Applications submitted under this timeline will not be processed.

To utilize the Downtown Square and its adjacent streets, you must complete the Special Event Permit Application online. You may use the Downtown Square Map (find it below) and attach to your special event permit application as your event site plan.  The Downtown Square and the street closure/barricade maps are available below. 

Third Party Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Planning Resources


Contact Information

Special Events 
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts 
211 N. Fifth Street,
Garland, TX 75040