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Standards For Food Service Establishments

The Garland Health Department classifies food service establishments based on several criteria. Each Class has a very specific set of construction standards that the establishment must meet before a health permit will be issued.

Please review the following guidelines to determine which class is appropriate to your establishment. Please use this as a guide only. If you are unsure about what class to choose or if you have any other questions please call 972-205-3460.

Class I

Class I facilities include those establishments in which foods are prepared utilizing a grill, griddle, deep fat fryer, commercial type oven, and/or any similar food preparation equipment. These establishments routinely provide their customers with reusable tableware.

Class II

Class II establishments shall include any facility in which foods are prepared utilizing grills, griddle, deep fat fryers, commercial type ovens, and/or any similar food preparation equipment; or any facility subject to flood-type wet cleaning procedures due to the cutting or processing of meat, poultry, or fish. Only single service tableware is utilized by Class II establishments.

Class III

Class III establishments include facilities in which foods are prepared exclusive of the use of fryers, grills, or other similar equipment. Such establishments shall be limited to precooked, potentially hazardous foods and to the preparation of hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, or other similar exposed foods and fountain drinks. Commercial warmers, microwave ovens and enclosed hot dog rotisseries shall be acceptable food warming devices. No raw meat products may be present in a Class III establishment.

Class IV

Class IV establishments shall be limited to conveyance of prepackaged foods (including potentially hazardous food), but shall be prohibited from preparation of potentially hazardous foods.

Class V

Class V food service facilities include supermarkets (general grocery items, produce preparation areas, and meat markets), and delicatessen/bakery areas.

Class VI

Class VI – Food establishments which manufacture or process food products. Such establishments would not have Federal or State inspections.

Class VII

Class VII establishments support the operation of a child care facility. Generally, foods are prepared exclusive of the use of fryers, grills or similar equipment. If the preparation of raw meats is desired, more extensive construction requirements must be met. These requirements may also be obtained from the Health Department.

Class IX

Class IX – Food warehouses.

Class X

Class X permits are for mobile food preparation vehicles upon which food is cooked, wrapped, packaged, processed, or portioned for service, sale, or distribution.  Food trucks and trailers are included in this classification.  Association with a central preparation facility (commissary) is required.