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Food Safety

City of Garland Food Establishment Classifications
Class I Full Service Restaurants
Class II Fast Food Restaurants
Class III Sandwich shops and Convenience Stores with Snack Bars
Class IV Convenience Stores without Snack Bars
Class V Grocery Stores and Meat Markets
Class VI Food Processing Establishments
Class VII Day Care Center Kitchens
Class VIII Public School Cafeterias
Class IX Food Warehouses
Class X Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle

The Garland Health Department uses a 100-point scoring system during each unannounced routine inspection. Every violation noted is debited using a weighted scale (1 - 5) based on severity.

The frequency of inspection is based on each establishment’s potential "risk." The "risk" is based upon the previous inspection score average, number of critical or dangerous violations per inspection, type of food preparation and volume of customers. Unannounced scoring inspections are conducted from one to four times per year based on the calculated "risk" of the establishment. Find out more information on Restaurant Scores.

Accredited Food Handler Training Courses

For a complete list, please click here.  


Basic Food Safety Guidelines


City of Garland Adopts the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules

The City of Garland Health Department adopted the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) to replace the current Article II of Chapter 22 in the Garland Code of Ordinances.  The Texas Food Establishment Rules were adopted by the Texas Department of State Health Services in the fall of 2015.   If you would like to read the rules and the City of Garland amendments, please click on the links below.

2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules

City of Garland TFER Amendments

Town Hall TFER Power Point Presentation

TFER Handouts for Food Establishments