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Environmental Waste Services

The Recycling Center, Transfer Station, Hinton Landfill and EWS Administration will be closed Monday, May 27 in observation of Memorial Day. There will be no disruption in trash, recycling, or brush and bulky goods collection.

Recycled Art Competition Winners

Each piece submitted to the third annual recycled art competition is inspiring and we were excited to see the student’s creativity come to life in so many outstanding pieces. Through making art and learning about reusing and recycling materials, the children have set a strong foundation for environmental stewardship for the rest of their lives. We hope you will congratulate every student who participated as they are all winners. 

Entries were judged on their use of recyclable materials accepted in the City of Garland’s blue recycling cart program, their artistic value, and effectiveness at promoting an environmental message. Students who placed first, second, and third will receive Visa gift cards.

K through 2nd Grade

First – Jonah Salles (Salles Classical Academy) $250 

Second – Ivan & Isabella Zamora (Routh Roach Elementary) $150

Third – Noah Gonzales (Carver Elementary) $100

 3rd through 5th Grade

First – Carrilee & Roevan Vinulan (Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence) $250

Second – Allyson Jimenez (Golden Meadows Elementary) $150

Second – Joshua Calles (Cooper Elementary) $150

Third – Mina Kerr (Golden Meadows Elementary) $100

Upcycling Competition Winners

The City also hosted its first ever Upcycling Competition for Garland residents 18 and older. Upcycling is taking a discarded object or material and using it to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. 

Entries were judged on innovation, ability to replicate, use of items, and designed to last. 

First – Leslie Cooper

Second - Eva D. Pech Reyes

Third - Jana & John Salles

Recycle Ranger Video

Don't Go Tarpless!

The operator of any vehicle arriving at the Hinton Landfill, wood recycling center, or Garland's transfer
station which does not have a suitable cover placed over the vehicle's load, shall pay a surcharge of
$20 per City of Garland Code of Ordinances, Chapter 52, Article II, Sec. 52.47(F). The transfer station
and landfill sell tarps for $10 each, but covering and securing your load from the beginning of your trip
will be more effective at preventing litter.


Introduction to Environmental Waste Services Video