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Court Certified Records Request Form

  1. Court Records Only!
    This request is for certified court records only. If you are seeking police reports, accident reports or incident reports, please contact the Garland police department's record division.
  2. Please list the full name of the person for whom you are seeking records.
  3. mm/dd/yyyy Please list the person's date of birth
  4. Please list all the citation or cause numbers you want included in the record search
  5. Please indicate what types of records you are seeking such as a certified letter of final disposition or order of the judge. Please be as specific as possible.
  6. Please provide your first name
  7. Please provide your last name.
  8. How would you like to receive your record response*

    Please indicate how you would like to receive your records. Depending on the size of the record response, some delivery options may not be available. There is a charge of ten cents per page ($.10 / page). Payment may be made with cash, money order or certified check. The court does not accept credit cards or personal/business checks for records.

  9. The Garland Municipal Court records division has custody over records involving cases adjudicated at the Garland Municipal Court. In addition, the records division has custody of records signed by a Garland Municipal Court judge in their capacity as a judge or magistrate for the City of Garland only. The court does not have police reports or records adjudicated in another court.
  10. ***To ensure receipt of the court's emails, please make sure that emails from are routed to your inbox. ***
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