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Rowlett Creek Preserve Trail


Rowlett Creek Preserve Trail Map (PDF)

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If you are an outdoor adventure sport lover, Rowlett Creek Preserve is the park for you.  Located off Centerville Road in Garland, about 0.5 miles north of SH 66 and 0.5 miles south of Firewheel Parkway, Rowlett Creek Preserve is a 16-mile, staked loop trail system that allows users the flexibility to choose various loop combinations to obtain distances that vary from 1 to 16 miles. The trail consists of 14 connected loops that are numbered in a manner in which they were built. The direction of travel for all loops is clockwise for bikers and it is suggested for all others, i.e. runners and hikers, etc., to go in a counterclockwise direction.  Half of the trail is wooded with portions that are tight and twisty, while the rest is out in the open with some fast straight sections. Relatively flat with some short climbs, Rowlett Creek Preserve is open to all skill levels, but as the loop ID number increases so does the skill level required to negotiate it.  Remember, because of its multi-use capabilities, please be considerate of all other trail users.

ACRES & Trail Length:

  • 97-acres of park land
  • 2.2 acres are developed (trail courses are not included)
  • 16.3 miles of unpaved trail


  • Staked loop trail system
  • 14 looped trails that gradually get tougher as loop ID number increases
  • A medium sized Gazebo with (2) picnic areas with a grill
  • Portable restrooms
  • Perfect for off-road biking, hiking, cross country runners, and nature lovers.
  • Host to many cyclocross activities and tournaments
  • Supported by DORBA and Race Day Systems