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Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail


Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail Map (PDF)

Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail is the longest continuous trail in the northeastern corner of Dallas County. Following its namesake waterway between the northeastern Dallas suburbs of Richardson and Garland, Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail offers a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, with park benches, drinking fountains and a variety of scenic places to picnic along this beautiful trail. The trail connects Troth Ablon Park, Gatewood Park and Cody Park, offering numerous amenities and a chance to view wildlife. The southern trailhead links with the Mesquite Heritage Trail and the northern trailhead connects to Richardson via the Owens Trail. Parking can be found at Troth Ablon Park, Gatewood Park and Cody Park.

Exciting things are happening to Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail. For more details, visit the Build Garland project link.

Trail length:

  • 7.2 (mi) total shared-use, paved trail.
  • Some general distances as follows:
    • 1.6 (mi) Audubon Park Loop from Audubon Recreation to behind Carter Softball Complex.
    • 3.1 (mi), Duck Creek Trail Loop from parking lot at Kings Row Drive, south past the pond, to the low water crossing.
    • 2.5 (mi) Greenbelt Parkway Loop from Oates Road, south along Duck Creek Drive to the I-30 frontage road and back.


  • 8-12 foot wide concrete trail - various looped trail segments.
  • Trail parallels both banks of Duck Creek
  • Perfect for mixed-use activity such as biking, jogging, running, and walking.
  • 5K and 10K run event capabilities
  • Gatewood Pavilion - accommodates up to 48 people
  • Duck Creek Greenbelt Park