How much will subleasing cost?

The "base" initial sublease rent payment is $750 for all tracts. In addition, a surveying fee may be required in the amount of $900 for Tracts 11 through 49 and $675 for all other tracts. The surveying fee can be waived if the property corner pins that were previously set for each sublease tract are still present and undisturbed. See the letter sent to all sublease tract owners, dated January 11, 2010, for more information (the letter is posted on this website).

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1. How much will subleasing cost?
2. Does the City have development ordinances that govern sublease tracts?
3. Who at the City do I need to talk to for doing a sublease and construction/use questions?
4. Is there an application for the sublease?
5. What can I build on the tract?