Budget & Research

The Budget and Research Department ensures that all state and local requirements are met in the development and implementation of the Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets. The department produces an annual Operating Budget that serves as a financial plan for aligning the City's resources with service demands and operating expenditures.

In preparing the annual Capital Improvement Plan, the department seeks to develop a coordinated plan for funding the construction of infrastructure and municipal facilities and the acquisition of large or specialized equipment. In the development of the Operating and Capital Budgets, the department seeks to create budgetary strategies that maximize the utilization of the City's financial resources towards the achievement of the Council's priorities and goals.


The Budget and Research Department has seven primary functions:

  • Compile and develop the City's Annual Operating Budget for Council consideration and approval
  • Compile and develop the City's annual Capital Improvement Program
  • Monitor and control City revenues and expenditures
  • Annually report departmental performance measures
  • Provide monthly financial reports to Council and management staff
  • Prepare long-term financial forecasts and economic trend indicators
  • Provide research and special studies at management's and Council's request