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Zoning Ordinance and Regulations

Zoning divides the City into distinct districts for the purpose of regulating the use and development of land in order to minimize conflicts between uses, protect property values, and enhance the urban environment.  Allowable uses within any geographic area of the city is dependent upon the zoning designation of that location.

In addition to the various standard zoning districts, Garland utilizes four geographic zoning overlay districts, which modify the uses allowed and development regulations within each standard zoning category.  The location of the Zoning Overlay Districts can be determined using the Zoning Map (Overlay Districts are shaded grey) or by calling the Planning Department.  In instances in which ordinance regulations conflict, the more stringent requirement is applicable.

Planned Development (PD) Districts are specially created zoning districts that allow for the permitted uses and development regulations to be tailored for a particular property.  Planned Development Districts are referred to by the PD number.  The first two numbers refer to the year in which the zoning district application was made.  For example, PD 00-04 was the fourth Planned Development District applied for in 2000.  For the regulations pertaining to a Planned Development District, check out our Records Search Page or contact the Planning Department.

Information on the website is considered unofficial.  For questions, interpretations, and subsequent modifications, please contact the Planning Department at 972-205-2445.

 On May 19, 2015 City Council adopted the Garland Development Code (GDC). The GDC includes the zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, development standards and development procedures for the City of Garland.
Garland Development Code

Former Zoning Ordinance 4647


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