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Types of Residential Building and Construction Permits

Accessory/Storage Building:  Accessory buildings (storage buildings/arbors/detached patio covers) to the main structure.

Additions:  Additions to houses must conform to the edition of the International Residential Code in effect at time of permit submittal. 

Air Conditioning Repairs:  A/C repairs do not require permits; however, replacement of a condensing unit and/or the heating system does require a permit.

Alarm Permit:  Monitored alarms are permitted through the Garland Police Department.

Burglar Bars:  Installation of burglar bars must meet specific requirements. 

Carport:  Rules for a carport in the front yard are more restrictive than those for the rear yard. 

Demolition:  Permits are required for demolition of swimming pools, interior walls, and/or entire structures (including storage buildings with slab foundations). 

Driveway/Sidewalk:  Expansion or installation of a driveway or sidewalk on City right-of-way. 

Electrical Repair/Meter Base Upgrade:  Any time electrical work is being conducted, you should contact our offices for requirements. 

Fence:  In most cases, replacement of an existing fence does not require a permit.

Fire Repair:  A Scope of Work must accompany permit submittal for all fire repairs. 

Foundation Repair:  All foundation repairs that have a value of $2,000 or more must be accompanied by an engineer’s report or design detail when being submitted. 

Garage Conversion:  Conversions are allowed in most zoning designations; however, you are required to provide 50 square feet of storage accessible from the exterior of the house.

Garage Sale Permit:  Garage sale permits are issued at no charge.  Please click on the link for garage sale requirements or contact Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 to obtain your permit number.

New House:  Requirements for submittal.

Patio Cover:  Rear patio cover and front porch cover requirements.  Both must conform to side, front, and rear yard setbacks.

Plumbing Permit(s):  Include irrigation installation, gas test, sewer repairs, gas relays, under-slab repairs, and new gas service.

Re-Roofing:  Permits are not required unless you are replacing 25% or more of the decking.  Code allows two (2) layers of shingles.

Retaining Wall:  Permits are required when any part of the retaining wall is four feet (4') or taller (which will include the footing).

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Spa:  Any pool of water that is deeper than 24 inches requires a permit.

Water Heater Replacement:  Effective September 1, 2001, all hot water heater replacements require permits.