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Spring is here...and so is the severe weather that comes with it!

Spring and Severe Weather Season is Here! Severe weather season can bring frightening storms, incredible damage and change lives in the blink of an eye. The best way to meet violent Texas weather is to be prepared in every way possible. There are a number of steps you can take to help each member of the family know what to do when storms are coming, and when they hit.

Make sure each member of the family knows how to use the following resources:

Emergency Notification System City of Garland residents can register for CodeRed in order to receive weather related warnings on their phone here.

NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio  Listen for emergency information. These radios can be purchased just about anywhere and range in price depending on what kind you buy.

Emergency Alert System (EAS) Tune into WBAP 820AM radio for instructions during a severe weather event.

Outdoor Warning System Pay attention to sirens. Sirens may be used for all-hazard notification. When sirens are sounded, go indoors and tune in to local news and radio programs to understand the nature of the emergency.

TV Broadcasts Watch for emergency interruptions and tune into news stations.

 Source: KnoWhat2Do

Be cognizant and educate yourself and your loved ones on the difference between a watch and a warning. The National Weather Service provides an excellent guide to knowing what they mean:

 Source: The National Weather Service-Ft. Worth, TX


Siren Information

The City of Garland outdoor warning siren system is active! if you would like more information about the outdoor warning sirens in Garland, such as when they are activated, testing schedules, or you just want more information, please click here.