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News ImageGarland's GREAT Homes Project Earns National Award
December 31, 2014  The partnership between the City of Garland’s GREAT Homes Program and Green Extreme Homes has earned the Audrey Nelson Community Development Award from the National Community Development Association. The award will be presented in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 23, 2015.

News ImageEfficiency Idea Book - Another Winner!
September 18, 2014  Garland’s Idea Book series has produced another winner, this time on the international stage. The Efficiency Idea Book, the latest in the series, has been awarded Silver for the Best Government Publication, Print or Digital in the Content Marketing Awards.

News ImageGarland to Present Wayfinding Program
August 22, 2014  The City of Garland Planning and Community Development Department is developing a wayfinding program to better direct visitors and residents to key public destinations within Garland.

News ImageGreat Ideas Made Here!
August 18, 2014  Garland’s award-winning Residential Idea Book has spun off a sequel. The Efficiency Idea Book helps Garland residents improve water and energy efficiency within their homes. The book includes do-it-yourself projects, family activities and much more.

News ImageCity Council Recognizes Neighborhood Service
June 12, 2014  Garland City Council awarded Donna Fields the 2013 Excellence in Neighborhood Service Award. Mayor Douglas Athas, on behalf of the City Council, recognized Fields for going “above and beyond” the expectations and duties of her position as plans examiner in the Building Inspections Department.

News ImageJoin the DIY Garland Revolution!
January 23, 2014  Become an active participant in the well-being of Garland’s neighborhoods and the community’s success.

News ImageGarland Neighborhood Summit Offers Great Workshops!
October 15, 2013  Garland’s 2013 Neighborhood Summit invites residents, civic leaders, revitalization practitioners and others to address the issues affecting neighborhood health and stability with a variety of workshops and speakers.

News ImageNeighborhood Summit Announces Keynote Speaker
September 24, 2013  Garland’s 2013 Neighborhood Summit will give those who live and work in Garland a chance to share their ideas about what makes this city loveable.

2013 Consolidated Grant Process
March 11, 2013  Neighborhood Chatter Publication Date 01/21/2013
The City of Garland relies on citizen input to decide what the specific goals, projects, and priorities should be for the upcoming grant year.
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The Pain in Your Back
March 6, 2013  Neighborhood Chatter Publication Date 03/04/2013
Is your lifestyle raising the risk for back problems?
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