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Neighborhood Vitality Grant Program

The Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant is designed to encourage residents to work together on projects that enhance physical conditions in our neighborhoods. 

The matching grant awards up to $100,000 per registered group over a five-year time period.  Projects may include but are not limited to entry features, landscaping, neighborhood recognition signs, sign toppers and more.  All projects must demonstrate a public benefit and include input from neighbors.

Who Should Apply
Registered neighborhood groups, (neighborhood and homeowner associations, crimewatch groups)

How to Apply
Before applying, carefully review the guidelines.  Submit applications online, via USPS, or in person. 

When to Apply
Applications are accepted twice a year - March 1 and September 1.

Upon approval of a project, the Office of Neighborhood Vitality works with applicants to ensure project requirements are met and to answer questions.

At times, other funding oppurtunities may be available.  Registered groups are notified of such opportunities and provided with contact information.

To find out more about the criteria and the application process, contact the Office of Neighborhood Vitality, 972-205-2445 or neighborhoods@garlandtx.gov