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Proposed Cases

This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. The proposed cases have not been approved and are subject to change through the public hearing process. All information through the site is provided "as is;" subject to changes and updates at any time; and provided with no warranties, express or implied, as to quality, content, accuracy, validity, reliability, timeliness, or completeness. In no event shall the City of Garland be liable for any damages, of any nature whatsoever, arising out of the use of, or the inability to use this site or the sites information.


P 14-05 Town of Duck Creek

P 14-16 Restaurant Headquarters Addition
P 14-17 Castle Point Phase 2
P 14-40 Garland Retirement Center Addition
P 15-05 Good Shepherd Catholic Church Addition
P 15-10 Broadway Crossing Addition
P 15-11 PARC at Garland Addition  

P 15-12 Campbell Murphy Addition
P 15-13 Winchester Commons Addition
P 15-14 Las Brisas Addition
P 15-15 Silva Addition


Z 15-03 GFC Leasing Corp., LLC - Specific Use Permit for a Restaurant with Drive Through
Z 15-04 GHA Architecture - Detail Plan for Restaurant
Z 15-05 The Dimension Group - Specific Use Permit for Retail Sales with Gas Pumps and Car Wash
Z 15-07 Mit Patel - Planned Development for Freeway Uses, Detail Plan and Specific Use Permit for Hotel/Motel, Limited Service
Z 15-13 Houshang Jahvani - Detail Plan for Medical, (dental) Office
Z 15-14 Schwob Building Company - SUP for High Risk Use for installation of 12,000 gallon above ground fuel tank
Z 15-15 Montgomery Motors - Specific Use Permit for Automobile Sales, Used (renewal) 
Z 15-16 AT&T Mobility - Specific Use Permit for Antenna, Commercial Type 2, (renewal)
Z 15-17 GreenbergFarrow - Specific Use Permit for Retail Sales with Gas Pumps
Z 15-18 Metro Lumber Supply Co. - Specific Use Permit for Building Materials  

Z 15-19 Annalyse Olson - Detail Plan for Self Storage Facility

Z 15-22 Twenty Eight Ltd - Detail Plan for Automotive Repair, Minor
Z 15-23 K-9 University Inc - Specific Use Permit for Pet Care - Play Facility (Indoor)
Z 15-24 Specific Use Permit for Fuel Pumps, Retail and Restaurant with Drive Through