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Public Health Clinic

If you have not yet received a flu vaccination this season, please contact the Garland Public Health Clinic at 972-205-3370

Our Mission

The mission of the Clinical Services Department is to provide basic public health services - including immunizations and investigation, and control services related to communicable diseases, directed primarily towards the city’s medically needy population. These services allow for increased community-wide immunity from vaccine-preventable diseases and serve to identify and aid in early intervention with growth and developmental problems among children. Failure to provide these services would require that Garland residents seek these services elsewhere or simply go without proper care.

Low-cost immunizations administered by specially trained registered nurses are available year round for all ages at the Clinical Services location in Garland. Clinical Services is also an approved administration site for travel vaccines, including the Yellow Fever and Typhoid vaccines. The clinic offers the Singles and Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines recommended by CDC for patients 50 and up.

Along with child and adult immunizations, the clinic provides communicable disease surveillance and prophylaxis, tuberculosis screening, perinatal Hepatitis B case management/monitoring, population assessments, and education of providers and the community about the State’s immunization registry ImmTrac. 

Nursing staff also oversee the proper storage, handling, and administration of vaccines by Garland providers in the Texas Vaccines for Children program.

Staff nurses are available to provide health education to the entire community.  Along with on-site clinical services, they offer back-to-school clinics and flu vaccine clinics at various school and community locations.