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Public Education and Outreach

Environmental Waste Services provides programs for Garland residents of all ages on the following topics:

  • Backyard Gardening and Composting - offered twice a year: Learn how to keep your yard trimmings and other organic materials from ending up in the landfill, while producing a beneficial soil amendment for all your gardening needs. Check Garland City Press for dates when this program is scheduled in the spring and fall.
    • Check back in early 2015 for Spring Compost Class information 
  • Vermicomposting - Recycling with Worms: This program is available for classrooms or adult groups who want to learn how to recycle their kitchen waste using red wriggler worms and how to use the beneficial worm castings.
  • Recycling - Using Resources Wisely: Recycling is a great way to save natural resources and divert materials from the landfill.  Groups of all ages can schedule recycling programs to learn how to preserve our environment through reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Papermaking - Shred It, Blend It, Create It: Learn how to recycle paper and create more paper. This hands-on program is designed for elementary grades 1 - 4. 
  • Litter Awareness and Prevention: Follow Gigi Garland around town to learn where and why people litter and how everyone can help make our city more beautiful.

For more information about scheduling a program for your classroom or organization, contact Glenna Brown at gbrown@garlandtx.gov.