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Letter From The Director

The goal of the City’s Environmental Waste Services Department is to provide cost-effective and efficient solid waste collection and disposal services.  I take great pride in the high level of customer service and wide array of programs we provide.  The department is committed to a foundation of financial strength, operating excellence, high quality customer service, professionalism, and compliance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations.


Our experienced team, from our equipment operators to our customer service representatives, understands the issues related to managing solid waste and the impact these issues can have on the operations of your home and business.  As we move forward, our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service through the integration of new technology.  Improvements to the city’s website allow a greater degree of access to information and services.  Our outreach and education programs are designed for students and citizens to develop life-long environmental stewardship and resource conservation habits.


For all these reasons, we have a special stake in helping the community remain an excellent place to live and work.  It is a responsibility that we take to heart.  On behalf of our employees, we are honored to serve Garland and look forward to continued progress with you, our community partners.




Lonnie R. Banks

Managing Director, Environmental Waste Services