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Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

District 8 Map 

Jim Cahill, District 8 Council Member, was elected to his first term on the Garland City Council in May 2011. 

Mr. Cahill and his wife of 30 years, Carol, moved to Garland 12 years ago. Jim and Carol have four grown children. He is a tax accounting manager with Texas Instruments, his employer of 34 years.

He has been active in the Garland community serving with his church, Lavon Drive Baptist Church, where he enjoys working with children and in other church programs. He is currently president of the Creekside Village Homeowner’s Association and has served on Garland’s I-30 TIF board.

Mr. Cahill has also been active in various local political campaigns and served as a precinct chair.  He recognizes the importance of electing people who will work hard to represent the interests of the people, and accepted the call when friends approached him to run for election to the Garland City Council.

As a City Council member, Mr. Cahill says he wants to help Garland remain attractive to families and businesses by continuing to maintain infrastructure and essential public services at a reasonable cost and with minimal regulation. “People need to take responsibility for their family, their property and their business,” says Mr. Cahill.  “Strong families living together make up vital neighborhoods, which build up great cities.” 

Mr. Cahill’s other interests include camping, hiking and biking.