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Housing Affordability

Housing in Texas is extremely affordable compared to other states and the nation as a whole.  Furthermore, Garland is ranked first of all major Texas cities in housing affordability, making Garland one of the most affordable places to buy a home.

Of the 340 metropolitan areas the Center for Community and Economic Research surveys, Texas ranks 14th in the most affordable places to own or rent and live.  The cost of housing in Texas is 72.1% of the average cost of housing in the United States.

Garland is one of the most affordable places to buy a home.  Texas A&M University's Texas Housing Affordability Index (THAI) measures the ability of the median-income family to purchase a median-priced, existing house in the area using standard, conventional financing terms.  As of the end of 2010, Garland receives the highest affordability ranking of any Texas city.