• Kids and Adults Playing a Game
  • Global Art Booth
  • Flags from a Variety of Countries
  • Cultural Booth
  • Community Multicultural Commission Booth
  • Chinese Dragons on Stage
  • Children Wearing Kilts Singing
  • Children Wearing Kilts Doing a Traditional Dance
  • Children Doing Martial Arts
  • Child Raising His Hand
  • Adults Playing a Game
  • Adults Doing Tai Chi
  • Women Wearing Traditional Indian Garb
  • Women Wearing All White Dancing on Stage
  • Women Talking to a Child
  • Women Speaking
  • Women Dressed in Traditional Garb
  • Women Doing a Traditional Dance on Stage
  • Woman Wearing Traditional Asian Garb
  • Woman Wearing a Red Suit
  • Woman Handing Out Snacks
  • Woman Dancing in Town Square
  • Two Women Standing Together
  • Two Women Standing Behind a Podium
  • Two Census Volunteers
  • Small Child Wearing Traditional Clothes
  • People Standing Behind a Podium
  • Mariachi Band Playing On Stage
  • Man Talking into a Podium
  • Kids Walking Across a Street
  • Kids Doing Martial Arts on Stage
  • Kids Doing a Traditional Asian Dance

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