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2021 Neighborhood Newsletter Competition

  1. Neighborhood Publication Award
  2. Communication among neighbors is vital to strong neighborhoods. Newsletters, E-Newsletters or other publications are great tools to inform, inspire and engage fellow neighbors to join the efforts of neighborhood investment. Applications are due Oct. 28, 2021.

    Please submit 3 copies of your publication; or, if it is via email or online, please provide a URL where your publication can be viewed in addition to a pdf copy of the publication submitted via email. Each Neighborhood Publication Award application will be judged by five criteria:

    1.Branding (0 to 10 points)
    2.Aesthetics & Design (0 to 20 points)
    3.Technical Layout (0 to 20 points)
    4.Content – Information (0 to 25 points)
    5.Content - Outreach & Involvement (0 to 25 points)

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  9. Winners will be announced at the Pre-Summit Mixer on Thursday, Nov. 4. Save the Date!
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