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2021 Garland Neighborhood of the Year Award

  1. Every year, neighborhoods across Garland go the extra mile to create communities that are vibrant, engaged and safe. The Garland Neighborhood of the Year (GNOTY) Award allows the City of Garland to recognize one neighborhood who stands out through their neighborhood investment efforts from January to December. Projects/efforts can be either physical or social in nature, but the combination of both is encouraged. Applications are due Oct. 28, 2021.

    Each GNOTY application will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on the criteria below:

  2. Thriftiness/Budgeting (0 – 20 points)
    Project/activity made the most of the resources available. Well documented and realistic budgets will also be taken into account.
  3. Community Involvement (0 – 20 points)
    Evidence of significant amounts of community involvement in the planning, executing and/or evaluation of the project/activity.
  4. Innovativeness ( 0 – 10 points)
    The project/activity was a creative solution to a neighborhood issue or was a unique way to achieving a neighborhood goal.
  5. Community Benefit (0 – 10 points)
    The project/activity had a wide-spread community benefit and addressed a need, improved the health, safety and or appearance of the neighborhood.
  6. Sustainability (0 – 10 points)
    The project/activity demonstrates opportunities to be continued in the future or have a low maintenance design/ongoing maintenance plan.
  7. Leadership Development (0 – 10 points)
    The project/activity created opportunities for neighbors to take on new leadership roles or develop new skills.
  8. Partnership Building (0 – 10 points)
    The project/activity created partnerships with other entities that are either public, private, or neighborhood/community based groups.
  9. Volunteerism (0 – 5 points)
    Project/activity encouraged volunteerism in the neighborhood.
  10. Reproducible (0 – 5 points)
    Can this project/activity be reproduced in other neighborhoods?
  12. What type of Neighborhood Association? *
  13. Are you registered with the Office of Neighborhood Vitality? *
  14. Main Contact for This Application
  16. Please attach the following:
    • A budget showing income and expenses related to the project/activity including, but not limited to: donations, grants, in-kind support and volunteer hours committed. • Up to five (5) additional items that you feel will help the judges have a better understanding of your project/activity.
  17. By checking the box below, I hereby certify that I am authorized to submit it on behalf of the organization. The statements herein are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
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  19. Winners will be announced at the Pre-Summit Mixer on Thursday, Nov. 4. Save the Date!
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