How will Envision Garland be accomplished?

Recommendations, strategies, and projects identified in Envision Garland were realized through combined efforts of the City of Garland and community stakeholders: residents, property owners, businesses and employers, and developers, as well as civic organizations and other public agencies. Whether it is through informal, every-day activities or formally in an organized program or project, stakeholders' efforts are an investment in Garland's future. Cooperative, focused goals and activities will ultimately lead to the future that participants identified in Envision Garland.

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1. What is a comprehensive plan?
2. Why have we created the Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan?
3. How does Envision Garland affect my property?
4. How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?
5. How will Envision Garland be accomplished?
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