SWAT Team Group Picture in Front of a SWAT VehicleThe Garland Police Department SWAT Team’s primary mission is to respond to incidents such as barricaded persons, hostage situations, and other situations that require special skills, equipment, and training. In addition, the SWAT Team also executes search warrants and arrest warrants that are deemed "high risk," with a possibility of armed resistance.

The Team

The part-time SWAT Team is composed of over 30 officers who are drawn from across the department. SWAT personnel fills positions such as assault, marksman (sniper), negotiators, and intelligence. The officer's skill, knowledge, training, and expertise are factors when assignments are made within the Team.


In addition to their regular assigned duties, SWAT personnel train 16 hours each month on a variety of tactics, and are required to train for a 40 hour period each quarter. Training consists of:

  • Buy-Bust
  • Covert Assault
  • Downed Officer Rescue
  • Dynamic Assaults
  • Hostage Rescue and Many Other Tactics

Training is also provided by the U.S. Army, the Texas Tactical Police Association, I.A.C.P, and other nationally-recognized organizations. Personnel assigned to SWAT are subject to "call back," 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle any SWAT-related incident.

Interest in the SWAT Team

Officers interested in serving on the SWAT Team must have a minimum of one year of experience with the department and be in excellent physical condition. They must demonstrate a high proficiency with departmental-issued firearms and have approved performance standards from their current and previous supervisors. SWAT applicants will undergo an oral interview, a physical assessment, and must meet other established criteria before being considered as a member of the team. 


Once selected, the applicant must complete a 50 hour basic SWAT school and then will be placed on a one-year probationary period with the team. Those who complete this process will become a member of one of the most highly trained units in the State of Texas.