Communications Unit

The Public Safety Communications Unit is the first point of contact for emergency service requests for police, fire, and EMS.

 The Communications center is staffed by dedicated members that receive, process, and dispatch calls for police, fire, and EMS, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each member is cross-trained to receive emergency or non-emergency calls and dispatch police and/or fire personnel.

They are dedicated to answering calls from our community with professionalism, integrity, compassion, and courtesy. They also remain calm under pressure, while multitasking, as they deliver the highest level of customer service which is essential to their success.  


The Garland Police Department is offering a unique opportunity to receive 4 straight weeks of paid training in the first-ever Public Safety Dispatch Academy. 

Public Safety Dispatchers play a vital role in maintaining the safety of residents, visitors, and first responders. You will receive the training necessary to assist you in becoming a successful Public Safety Dispatcher in 4 short weeks with NO prior experience.

This position offers a path for professional growth and the opportunity to make a difference in your community. 

To get started with the Garland Police Department Public Safety Dispatch Academy, visit