Solicitation Permits

Solicitation permits may be obtained at the Garland Police Department’s Records Department, located at:
1891 Forest Lane
Garland, TX 75042

Or download the application here: Solicitation Permit Application (PDF)

Permits are processed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


A business name is required along with each person’s name and photo. Each person soliciting is required to have a driver’s license or official ID and a current wallet size photo. Photos may be emailed to the Alarms Unit. Permits may take up to 10 business days to be processed.


Permits are $20 including the first person; additions of 2 to 9 people are $15 per person; 10 or more are $10 per person.


Payments must be made in the form of cash, check, or money order, we do not accept credit cards.

Additional Questions

If you have any further questions feel free to respond to the Alarms Unit email or call 972-205-1658.

Home Solicitation / Section 26.50 Code of Ordinances - Definitions

  • Commercial home solicitation means a solicitation at a residence for the purpose of selling or offering to sell goods, services or realty either in-person or through the door-to-door distribution of advertisements (other than through the United States mail).
  • Home solicitation means a commercial home solicitation or a noncommercial home solicitation.
  • Noncommercial home solicitation means the dissemination of, or a request for, information that is not primarily concerned with the characteristics or costs of goods, services or realty or that involves only the incidental, noncommercial sale of goods or services for political or charitable purposes.
  • Residence means any separate living unit occupied for residential purposes by one or more persons, contained within any type of building or structure.
  • Charitable purpose means philanthropic, religious or other nonprofit objectives, including the benefit of the poor, needy, sick, refugee or handicapped persons; the benefit of any church or religious society, sect, group or order; the benefit of a patriotic or veterans’ association or organization; the benefit of any fraternal, social or civic organization, or the benefit of any educational institution.
  • Commercial home distribution means the door-to-door distribution of advertisements (other than through the United States mail).

VIew the City of Garland Code of Ordinances.