Pay Fines

You cannot pay a Neighborhood Parking Enforcement citation (your citation will begin with the letters "CM") using this page. To learn how to handle your parking citation, please see Neighborhood Parking Enforcement, or call 972-205-2222.

Notice: If paying with a credit card, a service fee will be charged to process payment transactions.


Fee Schedule

  • Pay Citation in person at Court Building: 3.5% and/or $3.50 minimum per transaction
  • Pay Citation using the Court Website: 3.5% and or $3.50 minimum per transaction
  • Pay Citation by Phone: 5% and or $5 minimum per transaction

To make a payment by

  • Phone: Call AllPaid at 888-604-7888 PLC Number 7488
  • Drop Box: Put payment in the night drop box located to the right of the Court building front entrance. The night drop box is available 24 hours a day.
  • Appear in Person: You may appear in person at the Municipal Court Building between 8:30AM and 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. If paying by credit card, a 3.5% and or $3.50 convenience fee will be charged.
  • Mail Your Payment: Check the appropriate plea on your copy of the citation. Mail your citation to:
    Brad Neighbor Municipal Court
    1791 W. Avenue B
    Garland, TX 75042
  • Online Payment: Certain Court fines may be viewed and/or paid online through this Web page. This system will not accept payments for violations issued to: Juveniles, minors charged with alcohol or tobacco related offenses, partial payments, payments of administrative fees for court programs such as Deferred Adjudication, or  DSC Fee’s Court. This system will only display current cases; any cases previously or otherwise disposed of, will not be shown. A 3.5% and or $3.50 minimum convenience fee will be charged. You will need your credit card and citation in hand. ALL SERVICE FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE

You cannot submit payments on the following types of citations:

  • Juveniles under the age 17, without an existing judgement.
  • Minors between the age 17 and 20 for alcohol or tobacco related offense, with out an existing judgement.
  • Any offense involving "family violence", without an existing judgement.  

To proceed with making a payment online, you must read and understand the following:

  • I wish to enter a plea of no contest/guilty.
  • I understand that paying in full may result in a conviction being reported to the Department of Public Safety.
  • I waive my right to a trial.
  • I waive my right to receive discovery pertaining to my case.

If you understand and agree with the above statements, click “I AGREE” to proceed with your payment.