Payment Plan Requests

The Municipal Court offers payment plans on cases where a judgment has been entered against you and you need time to pay. If your case does not have a judgment and is not a warrant, you may also apply with the understanding that a judgment will be entered against you for all the cases for which you request a payment plan. Please complete the application below. A clerk will make contact with you to review your application. If your case is eligible for a payment plan, the clerk will discus payment terms and will have you complete additional paperwork. 

Please be aware that the Court is required to verify information on this form at the time of your interview, including references. The court recommends you inform your references in advance that they will receive a phone call from a court representative.

If during the verification process, it is discovered that the information provided is false or incorrect you may be denied a payment plan.

To apply for a payment plan, please complete the Payment Plan Request Form.